Singapore to spend up to $2.6b on ICT projects

Singapore Business Review: The Singapore government is expecting to invest $2.4b to $2.6b on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) projects in 2018, GovTech chief executive Kok Ping Soon said alongside the launch of the Digital Government Blueprint (DGB) this week.

According to a press release, it will focus on technology domains such as communications infrastructure, data analytics, robotics, and cybersecurity, whilst small and medium enterprises (SME) are expected to get a majority of the investments. Last year, they accounted for almost two-thirds of the total number of ICT contracts awarded by the government.

Moreover, about 33% of the investment will be placed into projects under the “run” initiative, such as the bulk tender for the leasing of personal computers and purchase of printers. About 23% will go to “grow” projects, like the bulk tender to support the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in government agencies where a panel of companies will be qualified to provide software tools and professional services

Meanwhile, 44% are expected to go into “transform” projects such as the National Digital Identity (NDI), which allows individuals to verify transactions with others through their nationally-issued digital credentials, and a “smart” Singapore Visitor Centre (SVC) System for SVC officers.

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