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The Edge Market: Vietnam is in the process of transitioning from an agricultural-based economy to becoming one of the most popular manufacturing and industrial countries in Asia. It currently has 356 industrial parks spanning 94,000ha, with more to be launched, said John Campbell, Savills Vietnam industrial service senior consultant.

“For a country of this size, it has a significant amount of industrial parks? he said during his presentation on ‘Industry and logistics: current opportunities and outlook for Vietnam’. He and other experts from ACSV Legal Vietnam, VSIP, KPMG Malaysia and Vietnam, and Public Bank Vietnam were among the speakers at a talk, entitled Promising investment spotlight — Why Vietnam now?  The event was co-organised by VSIP and Public Bank Vietnam. VSIP is one of the largest developers of integrated industrial parks and mixed-use areas in Vietnam.

Of the 356 industrial parks, 220 are operational and 73% occupied, which is “quite a healthy balance right now? said Campbell.

Vietnam is divided into three economic zones — North, South and Central, which is relatively new. “The north and south are the biggest? he added.

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